Industry standard Setter of Type Ctank

1st Tank Design Shipyard in the world

Leader both domestically and internationlly

Type C tanks for the safe & efficient transportation and storage of LPG / LEG and LNG

Cylindrical tanks, bi-lobe tanks, conical tanks, tri-lobe tanks、LNG fuel tank

Tank volume up to 12,000 cbm per tank (as built present)

Successful delivery of more than 110 tanks

CIMC SOE edited the national standards for cargo tanks of semi-refrigerated and semi-pressurized liquefied gas carriers

Rank the first in the global market share of LNG regasification

Tank Design approved by

Product List

Gas Tank Reference List

Gas TankS(25 pcs under construction)
March 2018
Gas TankS(Delivery over 130 pcs)
March 2018


Low Pressure System

Hight Pressure System