CIMC SOE completed delivery of 1,650 m³ LNG fuel tank

On June 13, 2024, Nantong CIMC Sinopacific Offshore & Engineering Co., Ltd, (hereinafter referred to as "CIMC SOE") delivered the 1,650 cubic meter LNG fuel tank project (T150) for Guangzhou Shipyard International. Members of the companys project team took photos to commemorate the occasion.

It is reported that the fuel tank delivered this time is an independent Type C, semi-cold and semi-pressurized tank, classed by DNV. The tank body material is nine percent nickel steel, with the net weight of the liquid tank approximately 190 tons. Each ship is equipped with two tanks, which will be installed on a 7,000 car dual-fuel PCTC after delivery.

Guangzhou Shipyard International is a strategic partner of CIMC SOE, with a long-term friendly cooperative relationship. In response to client's request for an expedited delivery, the project team acted proactively and provided full cooperation. Throughout the process, the team faced challenges including bottlenecks related to the late arrival of timber blocks and quality issues with valves supplied by the client, necessitating multiple returns for replacement. Nevertheless, to synchronize with Guangzhou Shipyard's production rhythm, the project team conducted numerous revisions to the project timeline, and the production department took measures to work overtime. As a result, the project was successfully delivered one week earlier than originally planned, all while maintaining strict safety protocols and ensuring product quality.

The project team always adheres to a customer-centric approach, embodying the principles of "optimism, resilience, learning, and innovation", overcoming difficulties and continuously improving. They will continue to provide high-quality products to customers in the future.