Small and medium-sized liquefied gas vessels will be the gold track in the next 10 years——Gao Xiang, president of CIMC Group and his delegation visited CIMC SOE for inspection and guidance

On April 11, Mr. Gao Xiang, president of China International Marine Containers(Group) Co.,Ltd.(CIMC Group), and his delegation visited Nantong CIMC Sinopacific Offshore & Engineering Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “CIMC SOE”) to inspect and guide the work. Mr. Wang Yu, assistant president of CIMC Group and Mr. Jiang Jun, director of CIMC SOE and general manager of CIMC financial leasing QIANHAI(SHENZHEN) LTD.accompanied, Mr. Gao Wenbao, vice president of CIMC ENRIC and general manager of CIMC SOE, Mr. Wang Jianding, executive deputy general manager of CIMC SOE, Lou Jiwei, Su Fei, Zhou Lubing, deputy general manager of CIMC SOE, Zhu Ling, chief financial officer, Shang Jinyan and Jiang Weifeng, assistant general manager attended the reception.

During the inspection, Mr. Gao went to the western yard of CIMC SOE to inspect and ask about the production situation in detail. Wang Jianding, executive deputy general manager of the company, introduced the hull section workshop, berth dock site and module projects, focusing on reporting the production process of main products, the progress of projects under construction and the promotion of on-site lean improvement.

On the day of the inspection, CIMC SOE held the launching ceremony of the second 7600 cubic meter LNG bunkering vessel S1062, and Mr. Gao and his delegation went to the berth to participate in the activity. At the ceremony, Mr. Gao Xiang delivered an important speech, thanking shipowner Seaspan for their trust and support in CIMC SOE, As an important member of CIMC Group, CIMC SOE has continuously broken through itself in the field of offshore clean energy transportation and bunkering, and has achieved a series of remarkable achievements. Both Seaspan and CIMC SOE are leading companies in promoting industrial upgrading and innovation in the shipping industry, and look forward to creating achievements again in the field of clean energy.

After the ceremony, Mr. Gao Xiang was invited to attend a celebratory lunch, the CEO of Seaspan spoke highly of CIMC SOE’s expertise in the field of ship construction. This high recognition is not only an affirmation of the hard work of CIMC SOE team, but also lays a more solid foundation for future cooperation between the two sides.

In the afternoon, they drove to the structure manufacturing workshop of eastern yard, along the 900T crane to understand the current production and construction of marine products, Mr. Gao Wenbao reported the project under construction to Mr. Gao Xiang, including type-C tanks, type-B tanks, type-A cargo tanks, regasification modules and so on, and related investment improvement plans.

After the on-site inspection, a special briefing meeting was held in the conference room on the ninth floor of the company. Mr. Gao Wenbao warmly welcomed the visit of Mr. Gao Xiang, and reported the overall operation of the company, including 2024 business objectives and the completion of the first quarter, new orders and orders in hand, the current production and construction progress, the main work in 2024 and the matters needing support; Wang Jianding, executive deputy general manager and general manager of shipbuilding, wind power and marine hydrogen division, Jiang Weifeng, assistant general manager and general manager of marine engineering division, Su Fei, deputy general manager and director of safety committee, Zhou Lubing, deputy general manager and chief engineer, reported the specific situation of ships, marine engineering, safety intelligent video surveillance program and liquid cargo system in turn.  

After the report was completed, Wang Yu, assistant president of CIMC Group gave a speech, highly affirming the performance of CIMC SOE since the acquisition, and pointed out that this is the correct reflection of the company’s strategic decision, and also the result of the joint efforts of all employees. At the same time, he said that safety production is the lifeline of the enterprise, all employees should firmly establish safety awareness, strictly abide by safety rules and regulations; On the basis of maintaining the leading position in the field of small and medium-sized liquefied gas carriers, the company should achieve industrial diversification and gradually open the gap with competitors; Financial exchange rate management and letter of guarantee must be paid attention to, the relevant departments should plan in advance, reasonable allocation of funds, to ensure the smooth development of the company’s various businesses.

After listening to the reports of the principals, Mr. Gao Xiang fully affirmed the work of everyone, and he said that CIMC SOE has successfully crossed the two stages of survival and expansion. In this process, specially thanks to the unremitting efforts of core team and the hard work of all staff, it is everyone’s joint efforts, just have today’s brilliant achievements.

At the same time, Mr. Gao Xiang put forward four requirements: First, set lofty goals and master strategic products. The clean energy track chosen by CIMC SOE is good, LNG, LPG,LEG and others are still the mainstream in the next ten years, to stick to the main business and firm confidence, plan high-quality development around clean energy, promote the improvement of new quality productivity, clear core products to create differentiation ability, so as to consolidate and strengthen the core competitiveness, effectively improve profitability; Second, tap internal potential and promote quality growth. To fully tap and utilize internal potential, including but not limited to optimizing process, improving organizational efficiency, innovating production lines and so on, for investment needs, the Group firmly supports to help achieve quality development; Third, optimize the management process and improve the per efficiency. The company should be fully aware of the importance of improving the comprehensive management ability to ensure that every point of investment can produce the maximum benefit. Through fine management, continuously improve the overall level of operation and lay a solid foundation for future development; Fourth, increase research and development efforts and research advanced technologies. With the rapid development of science and technology, the marine industry began to gradually introduce intelligent and automation technology, encourage companies to research and evaluate advanced technologies in domestic and foreign, organize teams to visit and learn, and promote the pace of technological innovation.

It is believed that under the excellent leadership of CIMC Group and CIMC ENRIC, through the close cooperation and unremitting efforts of all employees, CIMC SOE will make remarkable breakthroughs in technological innovation, market expansion and management optimization, and move towards a new chapter of high-quality development!