CIMC SOE 7200 cubic meter LEG first vessel officially named

On April 9, Nantong CIMC Sinopacific Offshore&Engineering Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "CIMC SOE")  independently designed and built 7,200 cubic meter LEG transport first ship (S1063) for the German Hartmann Group naming ceremony was successfully held in CIMC SOE eastern wharf.

The ship's godmother Shoko Miyazaki, Hartmann Group family representative Ilka Hartmann, General Manager of Hartmann Shipping Ulrich Adami and Jan-Lars Kruse, Michael Hoppe, Chief Financial Officer of Hartmann Group,

Thomas Schmidt, General Manager of GasChem, Keitaro Okada, Hiroshi Kawakami, representatives of Marubeni, Mr. Berthold Pitow, President of AC-INOX, Mr. Nils Olsen, General Manager of Sixtus Maritime, Mr. Chen Keng, Global Vice President of DNV, Mr. Gao Wenbao, Vice President of CIMC ENRIC and General Manager of CIMC SOE, Mr. Wang Jianding, Executive Deputy general manager of CIMC SOE, Mr. Lou Jiwei, Deputy general manager of CIMC SOE and other leaders and guests and on-site project team representatives witnessed the naming ceremony.

At the naming ceremony, Mr. Wang Jianding, executive deputy general manager of CIMC SOE expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the leaders and guests who came to participate in the event, he pointed out that CIMC SOE and Hartmann Group has a long-term stable trust and strategic cooperation, and has previously cooperated in the delivery of a number of liquefied gas vessels. This vessel is not only the result of the company’s technical excellence and teamwork, but also a symbol of the deep partnership with the Hartmann Group. Thanks to the cooperation of all partners, we promise that we will continue to provide the best service for shipowners and customers, to create more high-quality products with higher standards and stricter requirements, and to promote the prosperity and development of green marine economy.

Michael, Chief Financial Officer of Hartmann Group, expressed his great honor to participate in today's naming ceremony, thanks to the presence of various partners, thanks to all the team members involved in the construction of this project, including suppliers, on-site teams, etc., and thanks to today's godmother, I hope this ship can successfully start a new journey.

Chen Keng, Vice President of DNV Group, said that it is a great honor to celebrate the naming of this new ship as a representative of DNV. In the past 16 months, we have witnessed the process of this ship from raw materials to the whole ship, always reflecting the true meaning of dedication and effort, and thank CIMC SOE and Hartmann Group for their trust. In an era of rapid technological change, DNV offers expertise in digitization and energy transition and looks forward to further collaboration with all parties.

Shoko Miyazaki, Godmother, said in her speech, "I am honored to be the godmother of this magnificent ship in front of me as a representative of Marubeni, and wish it smooth sailing in the future journey and bring wealth to the shipowner."

Gao Wenbao, vice president of CIMC Enric and general manager of CIMC SOE, and godmother Shoko Miyazaki jointly lit the auspicious loong eyes  for the new ship, symbolizing the new ship's operation and starting a new journey. After the finishing touch, the godmother cut the cable with golden scissors, the champagne was smashed on the bow of the ship, and the red cloth covering the name of the ship was lifted, and in front of the crowd, the "GASCHEM FUJI" was officially unveiled.

At the end of the ceremony, the guests boarded the new ship to visit, and the godmother sounded the whistle in the cab, believing that "GASCHEM FUJI" will surely show excellent performance and quality in the future voyage, and contribute new forces to the prosperity and development of the shipping industry.

The ship named "GASCHEM FUJI" is a green and environmentally ship classified by DNV classification Society, with a total length of about 116 meters, a width of 18 meters and a depth of 12.3 meters. Compared with traditional small LEG carriers, the ship uses an advanced MAN dual-fuel main engine, which not only meets the latest emission requirements, but also significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions during transportation, making it an example of a new generation of green and environmentally ships.

Looking forward to the future, CIMC SOE will continue to adhere to the development concept of green shipping, deepen the strategic layout of clean energy, and continuously improve its management level and ship construction technology to ensure that more high-quality and high-performance ships are provided to shipowners and customers, and help the global shipping industry move towards a more environmentally, efficient and sustainable future.