Super burning! CIMC SOE received orders for 2+2 40000 cubic meter LPG liquid ammonia carriers

Recently, Nantong CIMC Sinopacific Offshore & Engineering Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “CIMC SOE”) has signed an order for 2+2 40000 cubic meter LPG/liquid ammonia carriers with European shipowner, which are expected to be delivered in 2028, this signed order highlighting again the company’s global influence in the international liquefied gas carrier market.

The ship type of this project is the same as the four 40000 cubic meter LPG/liquid ammonia carriers currently under construction by CIMC SOE, with a total length of 180 meters, a width of 29.80 meters, a design draft of 10 meters and a design speed of 16 knots. As a new generation of medium-sized LPG carrier, the ship adopts LPG dual-fuel propulsion and is equipped with high-pressure LPG dual-fuel main engine of MAN, which effectively reduces operational pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition, the ship is equipped with three IMO Type A cargoes, which effectively saves the space and improves the economic performance of the ship, and can also carry a variety of liquefied gas cargoes such as LPG, liquid ammonia, vinyl chloride monomer(VCM) to meet the diversified needs of replacement transportation.

CIMC SOE is a leading enterprise in the market segment of small and medium-sized liquefied gas vessels and LNG bunkering vessels. It has been focusing on the field of liquefied gas vessels for 16 years, and has independent marine liquid tanks, fuel tanks and capabilities of design, construction and project management. It has delivered more than 40 liquefied gas vessels of various types, including the world’s largest 20000 cubic meter LNG carrier and the world’s first 5000 cubic meter dual-fuel full-pressure LPG vessel, with a leading global market share. CIMC SOE can provide customers with professional liquefied gas transportation solutions of energy saving, environmental protection and technical innovation, its products cover various liquefied gas carriers such as LPG, ethane, ethylene and LNG, including large ethane carriers and LNG transport bunkering vessels in the market in recent years.

Mr. Gao Wenbao, vice president of CIMC ENRIC and general manager of CIMC SOE, said: “In recent years, the shipbuilding industry has maintained a good momentum of development, and the green transformation of ships has also accelerated. CIMC SOE will continue to build a full spectrum of medium-sized LNG vessel construction capacity, provide customers with high-quality green ships, and help low-carbon of the global shipping industry sustainable and high-quality development.