CIMC SOE was successfully delivered 1550 cubic meters LNG fuel tank

On November 23, 2023, the 1550 cubic meters LNG fuel tank built by Nantong CIMC Sinopacific Offshore & Engineering Co.,LTD (hereinafter referred to as “CIMC SOE”) was successfully loaded on the ship at CIMC SOE eastern terminal and shipped and delivered on the same day.

The liquid tank was constructed by CIMC SOE, adopts independent C-type binaural tank with a closed stainless steel cabin installed on the top and is classified as CCS. It will be attached to the 15000 cubic meters LNG clean energy power rake suction dredger built by Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Qidong Offshore & Engineering Co.,LTD for CCCC Shanghai Waterway Bureau for port channel dredging engineering. It is reported that the ship will become the first domestic and the world’s largest large-scale rake suction dredger using LNG clean energy power system.

The interior design of the project is tight, the fuel handling system is highly integrated, the installation space is small ,and the difficulty is large. The project team planned in advance and formulated a rush plan for the actual production problems. All departments cooperated and worked overtime to seize the progress, and reported for inspection on many weekends and nights. At the same time, with the active cooperation of the on-site design team, we solved various installation technical problems to ensure that the project nodes were completed in accordance with the established plan, and finally ensured that the liquid tank was delivered smoothly in accordance with the contract conditions, which was highly recognized by customers, shipyards and shipowners.

At the delivery site, the project manager of the shipowner, the project manager of Youqi and CIMC SOE project team took a photo together, Zhanghe, assistant general manager of the offshore engineering division attended the meeting. The project manager of Youqi highly appreciated the earnest and responsible of CIMC SOE, active cooperation to solve customer’s difficulties, and pragmatic working attitude, and presented a special banner “originality to create good-quality liquid tank, sincerity and trustworthiness to cast industry brilliance”. The project manager and project assistant of the shipowner also attended the photo to express their gratitude to CIMC SOE project team for their hard work. At the same time, he said that he felt reassured when he learned that the liquid tank was built by CIMC SOE.

In the future, CIMC SOE will continue to win the trust of customers with advanced design technology, professional construction capacity and reliable delivery quality to create good-quality liquid tank and cast industry brilliance, meet the requirements of various customers in the industry, and continue to develop “acceleration”for high-quality.