CIMC SOE held the launching ceremony of 12,000 cubic meters LNG transport refueling vessel

On November 5, Nantong CIMC Sinopacific Offshore & Engineering Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "CIMC SOE") held a launching ceremony for the 12,000 cubic meter LNG transport refueling vessel "Offshore Oil 302" (S1066) built by CNOOC Yangjiang Industrial Co., LTD., a subsidiary of CNOOC Energy Development Co., LTD., at CIMC SOE Western Yard. This marks a new milestone in the construction of the ship.

Zhu Lei, Party Secretary and Chairman of CNOOC Energy Development Co., LTD.; Lv Changlong, Deputy general manager; Li Yanli, General manager of Engineering and Construction Department; Cai Yi, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Qidong Municipal Committee; Huang Haojie, Party Secretary of Qidong Marine Industrial Park and Party Secretary of Yin Yang Town; Chen Zhiyong, Deputy Party Secretary and General Manager of CNOOC Changzhou Coating Chemical Research Institute Co., LTD. Yang Qi, General Manager of Jiangsu Branch of China Classification Society; Hang Zhongjiu, Deputy General Manager; Zhou Zhiyong, Vice President of Shanghai Ship Research and Design Institute; Huang Guoliang, Deputy Chief Engineer of Oil Production Service Company of CNOOC Energy Development Company Limited; Ding Changjian, Project Manager; CIMC Anric Vice President and CIMC SOE General Manager Gao Wenbao, Vice General Manager Wang Jianding, Lou Jiwei, Zhou Lubing and the site project team witnessed the ceremony.

At the ceremony, Gao Wenbao, Vice president of CIMC Anric and general manager of CIMC SOE, Zhu Lei, Party Secretary and Chairman of CNOOC Energy Development Co., LTD., Yang Qi, general manager of Jiangsu Branch of China Classification Society, and CAI Yi, Deputy secretary of Qidong Municipal Committee and Mayor, gave speeches and fully affirmed the shipyard, shipowner project team, ship design company, classification society and other units. We also send our best wishes to ship S1066.

"Offshore Oil 302" is the first LNG transport refueling ship in China to pass the classification construction inspection of China Classification Society (CCS), and it is also a green energy ship with both LNG transport and refueling functions since the beginning of design and construction. With a total length of 132.9 meters, a width of 22 meters and a depth of 11.8 meters, it is equipped with two C-type tanks, a unit capacity of 6,000 cubic meters, and adopts an electric propulsion system. Compared with previous ships of the same type, it has more complete functions, and has outstanding characteristics such as good maneuverability, self-berthing performance, rapidity and compatibility. The ship can sail in the unlimited navigation area and B-class ice area, and can also travel to the Wuhu section of the Yangtze River, which is expected to become the first LNG transport refueling ship that can enter the Yangtze River trunk section in China.

The ship will mainly serve international ocean-going ships and LNG fuel-powered ships on domestic coastal routes, undertake the tasks of LNG refueling for coastal LNG powered ships, inland river refueling stations and LNG transfer stations on the Yangtze River, and can carry out "ship-to-ship" and "ship-to-shore" refueling, "reverse delivery/replenishment" services and provide pre-factory professional services for large LNG powered ships. With its excellent performance and unique functions, it has become an important driving force for the development of China's LNG industry.

In the future, CIMC SOE will continue to work with all partners to deepen the field of LNG carriers, actively create business highlights, resolutely implement the national energy development strategy, continue to carry out technological research, vigorously enhance core competitiveness, and help China achieve the goal of "carbon peak, carbon neutrality" and the decarbonization of the global shipping industry. To make positive contributions to leading and promoting the green development of the national blue Marine economy.