Training Plan

Training experts should use various methods and techniques to analyze the necessity of training, as well as the objectives and contents of training. Demand analysis is the premise of training plan and the basis of training evaluation. Training needs can be carried out from three aspects: 1. Organization analysis. According to the vision and mission of the enterprise, determine the requirements for employees to ensure that the design concept of the training program meets the overall objectives and strategic requirements of the enterprise. 2. Job analysis. The knowledge, skills and abilities that new employees must master to achieve ideal job performance. If there is a mature job description, you can directly refer to the requirements of the book for employees. 3. Gap analysis. It refers to comparing the current level of employees with the requirements of future jobs for their skills and attitudes, studying the gap between the two, and determining which aspects of training are needed to improve the post competency of employees.

II. Clear training objectives and set overall and specific objectives in layersThe overall goal of training is the design basis of the whole training program, which has the characteristics of macro and non operability. Typical expressions, such as helping new employees understand and be familiar with the general situation of the company through new employee orientation training, so as to adapt to various environments of the company, be competent for new jobs, enable new employees to have a comprehensive understanding of the companyunderstand and recognize the enterprise's business and enterprise culture, firm their career choices, understand and accept the common language and code of conduct of the enterprise before they enter the company .